Transparent QR Window Decal Promotion

Transparent QR Window Decal Promotion

Transparent QR Window Decal Promotion

Paper signs and shelf edge labels employing QR codes are not so uncommon. This Transparent QR Window Decal with a transparent background is a bit more unique. Just the pattern of the QR code tells the initiated what it is from a good distance across the Mall, so actual copy can be minimal and tiny. But remember the key to a successful QR campaign is to offer something of value, worthy of a smartphone user unslinging their phone, firing up a QR App, then waiting to be sometimes-not-so-swiftly wisked to your offered site. Please, please don’t disappoint by taking us to your humdrum, ordinary, everyday home page. And Luddite that I am, a line of type with a catchy URL might get you even more business by faster, hand-keyed browser (only 30-40% of the population is smartphone equipped and less than half of that use their smartphones in a sophisticated fashion).

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How does QR fit into
Fixtures Close Up philosophy of news coverage?

It is signage, and beacuse a clear decal, the sign holder fixture is the storefront window. So I remain true to my mission: “Closeup examples of unusual retail and point-of-purchase merchandising fixtures in a searchable idea database.” I comfortably logged this under the CATEGORY of “Label and Sign Holders” and TAG of “Apparel.”

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