Cross merchandising is a valid technique to increase incremental sales.  Here a respected regional chain adds an overhead tier of hooked product for impulse items and added retailing space.  Too much of a good thing you might say? But that depends upon marketing savvy and positioning.  It you consciously choose to project that you are “low-cost” retailer, this adds to your attraction. My judgement is that this retailer “chooses” to look this way to position itself differently than competing chains.  Note how well faced the store shelves are and how fully loaded the hooks. There is no lack of care visible, or any impression of ignorance of marketing savvy. CLICK the thumbnail for a broad view. *****

Were the truth to be known, this is my wife and my favorite local food store chain in New Jersey (not our Pennsylvania favorite however). Their selection outranges larger stores (possibly because of dense merchandising and cross selling), and their meats and deli outstanding.  In addition they field a helpful highly-professional staff that we have even had occasion to complement to their headquarters. All additional evidence of a smart retailer.  So before you say to yourself “I would never merchandise that way” try to imagine the circumstances in which just this style of fixturing might give you an advantage. Fanciest is not always most effective (though I like shopping fancy too).

Oh yes,  just what are the fixturing details? A short height of standard Slatwall running the length of all center store aisles, and selected perimeter departments. Hooks are of the Flatback Slatwall style which prevent marring of the surface, and offering heavy load bearing capability (required since many shoppers will be pulling down on items). Molded Label Holders sport traditional adhesive labels, not plain paper drop-in styles.

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