I know that I must see how I look in a hat before I buy. So putting the mirror right with the merchandise rack is sure to increase retail sales and customer satisfaction with the merchandising scheme. What better way to close the sale than to appeal to vanity and love-of-self.COMPARE with the pivoting mirrors in…

Four Jewelry Mirrors Compared
Porthole Mirror Pivots
Universal Joint Cosmetics Mirror” and
Mirror’s Vision of Xmas Jewelry

For other means of serving-up headgear see…
Selling Caps Two-at-a-Time
Rough Cut Wood Hat Tray
Hat Ledge Plugs In
Hat Ledge for Slatwall
Hat Ledge for Slot
Built-in Mirror Sells Caps
Slatwall or Tower Hat Tray
J-Hooks Product Stop Caps
Branded Slot-Mount Hat Tray
Slotted Faux Surface for Cap Merchandising.”

For unusual cap merchandising SEE…
Gucci Gangsta Cap Display
Colorful Kangol Cap vs Slouch Hat
Winter Cap Gets the Finger.”

For headform core fixture see…
Classic Millinery Faceout
Curved Slot-Mount Cap Displayer
Slatwall Hat Displayer
L’arbre de Chapeau (Hat Tree)
Frankenstien-Inspired Fixture.”
Animal Cap Show-and-Tell
Hybrid Helmet Hook
Corrugated Headform Cut-Out