Alright. I admit it. I have sometimes grabbed a nearby Pegboard Hook to relieve a difficult-to-reach itch. Normally I am not too picky about the style Pegboard Hook. But if I have my druthers, I would choose an Attached Back Hook like this as my Backscratcher.

Typically AB Hooks have a long Frontwire. And the rounded tangs of the molded Backplate are sure not to snag on even loose knit fabrics. Best of all, as an Attached Back, this two-piece hook comes pre-assembled with Backplate ready for business. This saves time and set-up effort … whether scratching a back or fixturing a store. Even though assembled the AB still offers all the cool advantages of “Straight Entry” Hooks. CLICK the thumbnail for a closer view of the business end of an AB Hook vs traditional Backscratcher. *****

SEARCH “Best Practices” for other professional advice on what hook to use for what application … itch or not. If you recommend an alternate hook as favorite, leave a comment. Or better yet, suggest other creative non-retail uses for common store fixtures.

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