How Pegboard Could/Should Look!

How Pegboard Could/Should Look!

How Pegboard Could/Should Look! indeed. Pegboard has an incomparable ability to display a vast array of divergent items, product sizes, and package styles.  A retailer can fit offerings together like a jig saw puzzle maximizing product density in a minimum of vertical display space. In these circumstances the shopping enjoyment comes from serendipitously discovering a treasury amid the intricacy of the display.

But if you have a department with related items and similar sizes, lowly Pegboard can also make an impressive category-wide statement. Here is a marvelous example of an orderly and easily shopped writing implement department. Even with my manic Obsessive Compulsive Disorder I could not have done a better job of creating order from what could have been chaos. The fixtures are inexpensive All Wire Pegboard Hooks, with Flip-Front Plain Paper Label Holders to facilitate product access. Bravo. Or in this case “Hurrah for hooks.”

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How Pegboard Could and Should Look
How Pegboard Could/Should Look!

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