Cape Cod Lighthouse Potato Chip Inflatable

Cape Cod Lighthouse Potato Chip Inflatable

This Cape Cod Lighthouse Potato Chip Inflatable is a great example of work in the field. You can browse small-scale, Balloons-as-Signage thread here on Fixtures Close Up. But if you are big on inflatables (pardon the pun) then you should track annual coverage in Creative Magazine. It is the only source I know with regular commentary and examples from that niche of the Point of Purchase Industry. Preview the Cape Code Potato Chips Lighthouse inflatable above. Path to others at 2011 Inflatables or look back in time to 2010 Inflatables. Don’t forget to look below for more Fixtures Close Up for micro scale coverage of this high flying topic.

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Cape Cod Lighthouse Potato Chip Display
” Cape Cod Potato Chips Rowboat Display
” Cape Cod lighthouse Potato Chip Inflatable
Cape Cod Rowboat Potato Chip Display
Cape Cod Potato Chip Red Rack Display
Cap Cod Potato Chip White Rack Display

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