Saddle Mount Bar Merchandiser Scan Hooks pressed into service on a flat bar for difficult-to-display skinny toothbrushes. On the surface a successful application. But for light items the infinite adjustability of Saddle-Mount Bar Hooks is often best tempered with Spring Clip Backplates to better set the hook in place. These Saddle Mount Hooks were easily disturbed, sliding out of place resulting in a disheveled look. The upper, over-arching arms held a Label Strip forward of the Display Hooks. The chrome finish is not a “Green” solution because of the heavy metals and toxic chemicals of the process. Consider powder coating for a more environmentally friendly yet equally durable fixture.

Narrow toothbrushes are a particularly challenging product to fixture. SEE “Gravity Feed Toothbrush Hook” for a Spring-clip Mount Bar Hook solution.  Then SEARCH “Toothbrush” for ongoing posts addressing that item type.