The creation of self-assemble signage such as this is widespread in some retail channels like electronic games where it is “Pre-Sale Promotional Packaging.” Here an oversize carton provides a 3D promo for the style and features of an apparel line, not a game. It is all the more eye-catching point-of-purchase having crossed into this new, virgin retail territory. In games, the POP often ties together with premiums or prizes (Tee shirts, cheats and codes, action figures, etc). How might you extend this concept in your retail channel?

This iteration includes a spinner base. But you could shave a few dollars off by just producing the carton alone. And the production need not require a specialty box manufacturer. Any competent printer with die-cutting capability can product this for you. Here is a link to one of my venders Services page with a few dimensional printed pieces as an example of what a commercial printer can do.

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