Tips of greater than 90° angle  slow the removal of products from these straight entry scan hooks, but to a lesser extent than full-fledged anti-sweep hook designs. Merchandise can still be gathered in a “bunch” and slipped off the hook en masse. Variations in Frontwire angles and tip angles betray only an elemental concern with quality control too.

SEE “Positive-Retention 90° Loop Hook” for a display hook use.

SEE “Disk Offers Anti-Sweep Potential” for an enhanced anti-sweep upgrade to a 90° Tip Hook.

SEE “Baseline Anti-Sweep Hook” for a full-fledged security hook.

SEE “Designer Anti-Sweep Hooks” for a visually interesting if slightly less secure design.

SEE “Gravity Feed Backbar for Belts” for 90° tip as front productstop.

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