Shelf Edge Profile Specs by Manufacturer

Shelf Edge Profile Specs by Manufacturer

Here see Shelf Edge Profile Specs by Manufacturer. The Shelf Edge and C-channel (Tag Channel) profiles and perforation patterns for the are for Darling, Lozier, Madix and Streater. This is a “Baseline Post” meant to introduce fundamental gondola information and in the case of fixture posts, the normal profile against which to compare more unusual merchandising findings. NOTE: Manufacturer specifications may change without notice. SOURCE: Trion Industries, Inc. Fixture Catalog.

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” Shelf Edge Profile Specs by Manufacturer
” Merry Christmas C-Channel Insert At Dollar General
” Oversize Flip Chart Waterfall Display Rack
” Rust Finish C-Channel Label Holder
” Embedded Metal-in-Wood C-Channel Label Holder
Coppertone Mobile Floorstand Tower in Bright Yellow
Drop-Shadowed Shelf Overlays
Slatwall Wicker Basket C-Channel Outfitting
Starbucks Round-Cornered C-Channel Endcap
Crafted 6-Pack Orange Category Definition
Stonefire Naan Flatbread Rack Merchandising
C-Channel Swing Hook For Pet Food Lids
Super Glue Strip Merchandiser Downarrow Deals
Hand-Lettered Category Definition In Garden Tools
Hand-Lettered Category Definition In Hardware
Dollar General Shopping Carry Branded Yellow
GermX Bulk Bin Is Waiting Line Stanchion
Gravity-Feed Forwards Color-Coded Icing Additives
Snow Goggle Pegboard Ledge With C-Channel
Retail Rack For Hedge Trimmer Display
Spiral Bound C-Channel Price Inserts For Floral
Baby Video Monitor Choices Branded Orange and Blue
Who Knew Mercedes Benz Has A Return Policy?
Mercedes Benz Manhattan Restroom C-Channel Sign Apparition
Mercedes Benz Manhattan C-Channel Restroom Navigation Sign
Mercedes Benz Manhattan C-Channel Stair Sign
Panera Bread® C-Channel Sign Is No Slouch
Bakery C-Channel Speaks Armenian
Pet Smart® Accredited Pet Training In-Store
Beverly Hills Polo Club® Belts by PowerWing
Gold Varigated Powdercoat
Declined vs Flat Mode Shelving #2
Talker for Tag and C-Channel
Alternating Color Label Strip for C-Channel
C-Channel Sign Holder Centered
C-Channel Labels Larger Than Pegged Gift Cards
Cascade of Open Stock Wrenches
UltraCare® C-Channel Loop Hooks
When Retail Display Gets Too Tight: Oreo®
When Retail Display Is Just Right: Goldfish®
Heavy-Duty C-Channel Ledge for Grid
Euro Fixture™ Digital Ticket Snap-In
Euro Fixture™ Mitered Gondola in Red
Euro Fixture™ Mitered Gondola in White
Euro Fixture™ Mitered Gondola in Green
C-Channel as Digital Intermediary
C-Channel as Sign Intermediary
C-Channel Shelf Edge Yin and Yang
Martha Stewart® Wobbler Recycles
Branded Metal C-Channel Inserts
Perpendicular New Flag Just Pops
Talker on FISH-Tip J-Hook Mount
Cuppa Doodles Declined Display
Dual vs Single vs No Label Strip
Gift Card On-Shelf Auto-Feed
PowerWing C-Channel Add-On
Lindt Lindor Shelf Overlay
Shelf-Edge Baby Catalog
Ralph Lauren Metal C-Channel Label Holder
Dual C-Channel Extrusion Label Holder
DeWalt® C-Channel Tool Tray
Porter Cable® Tool Tray For Grid
DuraCell® Multi-Channel Branding
Metal C-Channel With Pegboard Mounts
Coffin Case Signal Flag Signs
Two-Foot Tray for Gondola
Jo-Ann® Pinterest QR Outreach
Hostess® Serves Up Branded Shelf Bar-Mount
Utensil Categorization by Food
Cuppa Doodles Declined Display
Cooler C-Channel Bridge
Metalfilo® Lotto® Sport Shoe Displayer
Simple C-Channel Grip Clip
Snap-Lock Sign Clip
DeWalt® Yellow Branded Fixtures
Reversible C-Channel Grip Clip
Endcap Basket Upright Mounted
Repairing Gaps in C-Channel
Endcap Basket with C-Channel is Upright Mounted
Primitive C-Channel Simplifies Strip Merchandiser
Carded Cat Bells on a Chrome Multi-Hook
Magnetic C-Channel Outfits Wood Shelf
Sloped Slatwall Sign Mount
Plug-In Top-Mount Open Wire Tray
Dual C-Channel as Extrusion
Dual C-Channel in Metal
Chocolate Label Holders for Easter
Wood Shelf Hosts C-Channel Label Holder In Black
Size Guidance on Shelf Overlay
Inseam Size as Visual Footnote
Reverse Hooking A Spiral Rack
Shelf Overlay Includes C-Channel
Back Labeling a Multi-Hook with C-Channel
Empty Box Sells Full Box
Super-Duty C-Channel Mount
Strip Merchandiser Offers C-Channel
Slatwall Tray for Photo Albums.”
Shelf-Edge Signs of Gold
Adjustable Shelf-Edge Tray for C-Channel
3-Way Sign Clip Creativity
Shelf-Edge Micro Flag
6-Foot Coffin-Case Bridge
Shelf Edge Redundancy in Retail
Single-Lug Sign for Pegboard
Metal Shelf Sans C-Channel

Compare and Contrast directly with…

Dual C-Channel in Metal
Dual C-Channel Extrusion Label Holder
Creative Use of Double C-Channel
Twin-Profile Label Strip for Hook
Top-Facing Label Strip Brands
Panera Bread® C-Channel Sign Is No Slouch

For curved C-Channel Store Fixtures See…

” Shelf-Edge Extension 3-Step Cross-Sell
McCormick® Shelf-Edge Tray Spice Cross Sell
Coke® Spinner C-Channel Frontstop
Pet Collar Multi-Hook Bar
Adidas® Hybrid Bar Trays
Saucony® Hybrid Shoe Ledge
Hybrid Shoe Ledge on Slatwall
Rollerblade Skate Hook
C-Channel Forms Shelf-Edge Tray
Round Cornered Island C-Channel
Gravity Feed For Salsa 3 Pack
Curved Channel Hosts Scan Hooks
Curve Creates Store-in-Store Destination
Curved C-Channel and Label Strip
Round-Cornered C-Channel
Round-Cornered Gondola Shelf Cap
Round-Cornered Aluminum C-Channel

Contrast with round-cornered basket at…

Trouble With Tribbles at WalMart

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Plastic C-Channel Scan Hook For PowerWing
Halloween Pumpkin Display Hooks for Channel
Christmas Hook On Festive Red Vinyl Substrate

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Beats By Dr. Dre C-Channel Sign Holder
Branded Metal C-Channel Inserts
C-Channel Equipped Chrome Slatwall Loop Hook
Drop-in Metal Label Holders for Bar Hook
Cascade of Open Stock Wrenches
UltraCare® C-Channel Loop Hooks
Top-Mount Open Wire Tray
Tiered, Arched, Pet Collar Bar
Popular Hook Features Combined
Back Labeling a Multi-Hook with C-Channel
Carded Cat Bells on a Chrome Multi-Hook
Twin-Profile Label Strip for Hook
Primitive C-Channel Simplifies Merchandiser
Strip Merchandiser Offers C-Channel
Top-Facing Label Strip Brands
3-Way Sign Clip on a Hook
Reverse Hooking A Spiral Rack
Curved Channel Holds Scan Hooks

For Wood C-Channel Store Fixtures by Title browse…

Slatted Table Display With C-Channeled Niches
Mission Tortillas Flatbread In Mahogany Wood
Up-Side-Down Pack; Omni-directional Item
Wood Replaces Metal C-Channel
Wood C-Channel in Snacks
Wood-like vs Wood Fixtures
Hardwood C-Channel To-Die-For
Aftermarket Wood C-Channel
Wood Cutout Creates C-Channel
Wood C-Channel with Plastic Talker
Classic Bakery Shelf-Edge Label Holders
Traditional Bread Rack
Supermarket or Local Bakery
Despoiling Wood Fixtures
Classic Bakery Label Holders
Supermarket or Corner Bakery

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