I found this New York Times article on cluttered merchandising as a conscious retail strategy very interesting. Link out to read “Stuff Piled in the Aisle? It’s There to Get You to Spend More” on the New York Times website.

SEARCH “Free Standing Gondola” to see several purposefully created yet organized sales-clutter items here on Fixtures Close Up. SEE “Rear-Facing Corrugated Hooks” for adding selling space on the back of Point of Purchase Displays. VISIT “Periscope Hooks Expand Display” or “Gondola Extender Strategies” to claim new selling space air rights above the gondola. TRY “Single Item Shelf Extender” for a means to jut product out into the aisle. Then rummage around for other posts to expand merchandising opportunities. How satisfying to find that Fixtures Close Up is so simpatico with breaking news coverage on store design.

And though I love the Times itself, I must confess that two of my industry sources both pointed me to it. So if you wish to cut out the middle man (me here at Fixtures Close Up) you might add RetailWire and POPON.NET to your list of sources. Meanwhile I consider it a privilege to point to the Times as a source of a retail fixture post.

My apologies to any of the other “Trades” who may have carried this story which I nonetheless missed and failed to cite here. I cannot say who scooped who, and admit to being a “Johnny-Come-Lately” on this item. But I can recommend all of the sources on my Industry Links Page, including far more than the aforementioned two.