Cross Bar Scan Hook in Plastic

Cross Bar Scan Hook in Plastic

What intrigues me about this Plastic Hook is only seen from the back (inset photo). The Hook clips only on the top wire of the dual-wire crossbar. When loaded the hook falls forward and rests against the bottom wire. If bumped or when not loaded the hook is free to rotate around the top wire rather than stay in position. I can’t say how serious this might be in your application, but it is worth a thought. Most true Grid and Crossbar Hooks in metal grip both wires and resist rotating out of position (see post immediately below). Don’t forget the basic rule of fixturing: “Ask for samples!” and then test in your actual use.

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Plastic Hooks may be of any style, design, or configuration, but are constructed totally of organic polymers. Plastic Hooks are available for Pegboard, Slatwall, Perforated Metal and most other Vertical Display Surfaces.

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