Saddle-Mount Flat Bar Jewelry FixturingThis rank-and-file massing of white hooks on red slotwall made a significant statement from quite a distance. Coherent categorization of items throughout the booth, kept the merchandising from becoming too busy to shop. Here all necklaces are grouped together and fixtured similarly, many spanning twin Flatback Slatwall Display Hooks for effect. Bracelets, earrings, and other offerings were likewise handled in their own groupings. For a silver jewelry, silver tags, and silver fixtures comparison, CLICK the thumbnail of compare the short list below.

Compare and contrast directly…
Silver Jewelry, Tags, and Fittings
White Hooks on Vivid Red“ (This Post)

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For Necklace Hookery by Title…
Silver Jewelry, Tags, and Fittings
White Hooks on Vivid Red
Giani Bernini® Retail Lockdown
Neck-like Necklace Hook in Chrome
Round vs Square Necklace Hooks
Curved Hook Array on Slatwall
Plug ‘N Play Jewelry Display”
Birds of a Feather Flocking Together”
Neck-like Necklace Hook”
Twin Hooks on Vivid Red
Jewelry Monolith for Necklaces
Twin Arm Jewelry Faceouts
Common Hook, Uncommon Look
Twin Hook Necklace Fixturing
90° Tip Hook for Necklaces
Single-Strand Wire Jewelry Stand
Diving Board Effect in Plastic Jewelry Hooks

For all Necklace Hookery resources see…
Necklace Hooks Pinterest Board
Necklace Hooks Index Page

Hooks_ Necklace Hooks Pinterest Board

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For fixtures that employ red color see…
Simple Simon, Racks for a Pieman
Kee Klamp Frame for Perfed Metal
Hybrid Perforated Metal Hook
Rich Red Design by FAO Schwarz
White Hooks on Vivid Red“ (This Post)
Corrugated Hook on a Curve
Ruby Red Strip Merchandiser

Expand your creative color thinking with…
Color: Black in Retail Fixtures
Color: Blue in Retail Fixtures
Color: Grey in Retail Fixtures
Color: Red in Retail Fixtures
Color: Yellow in Retail Fixtures
Color: Assorted Fixtures and Finishes

For Jewelry hookery and display see…
Jewelry on a Dress Form
Clipboards as Jewelry Backers
Slatwal Jewelry Hooks on Fushia Fabric
Plug ‘N Play Jewelry Display
Rusty Hooks the Jewelry Retail Rage
Rust as Jewelry Retail Fixture Finish Redux
Drawer-Pull Jewelry Display
Neck-like Necklace Hook
Twin-Arm Jewelry Faceouts
Squared-Slot for Jewelry Display
Brushed Metal Jewelry Display Hooks
Lowly Slatwall Hook Plays Up Jewelry
Cufflinks Tee’d Up for Display
Bulgari Jewelry Priced in Gold
Actual Trunk With Hooks for Jewelry Sales
Curved Hook Array on Slatwall
Re-thinking Hook Design for Slots
Single-Strand Wire Jewelry Stand
Empowering Jewelry Signage
White Hooks on Vivid Red Surface
Metal T-Hook for Metal Perf
Metal Butterfly for Metal Perf

SEARCH “Hook Patterns” or alternatively “Contrasting Hooks” on Fixtures Close Up for displays where the hooks are designed to contrast with the display surface background. SEE “One-Hole Hooks Compared” to evaluate space-saving Pegboard Hooks that can mount shoulder-to-shoulder. SEARCH “Slot” to research slotted display surfaces in use.

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