Wrenches Fixtured Step-wise on Pegboard

Wrenches Fixtured Step-wise on Pegboard

These Wrenches Fixtured Step-wise on is only possible on Pegboard, and is an interesting visual layout that actually presents the wrenches stepped size- and price-wise. A quick easy improvement would be through the use of Straight Entry Hooks. These would allow changes within the crowded sizing display without requiring adjustment of more than the hook in question. What? You would try this arrangement on Slatwall and Grid? But what would maintain the regular and orderly horizontal spacing.

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SEARCH “Hook Patterns” or “Straight Entry” to see other examples. And since this illustrates an advantage of Pegboard, maybe it deserves cross reference with the “Best Practices” TAG.

The most beneficial style of Straight Entry Hook for your specific need is difficult to divine sight unseen. You should research the various one- and two-piece designs.

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