Coverage of Sampler or Tester Fixtures started here on the micro scale long ago. But massed samplers are an interesting counter point. So again Fixtures Close Up rises to the challenge to provide benchmarks against which to judge your sampler presentation concept.

For circular displays see…
Cake Stand Markets Fragrances
Roundtabled Samplers” (This Post)
Painter’s Palette of Samples
Jewelry Retails from Tabletop
Blue Chinese Porcelain Pedestals in Bell Jar

For well designed testers of a different sort SEE…
Fresh Fruit as Perfume Prop
In-Store Aromatherapy
Snoop Dogg Rolling Paper Sampler
Tester Strip Vase and Catch Tray
Swarovski Disk is Branded Tester
In-store Champagne Bath Bubbler
Handsome Hand Sampler
Fragrance Trial Offered on a Tray
Body Wash Test is In-Store
Try Me Step-and-Repeat
Fragrance Tester Goes Macho
Shelf-Edge Spoon Sampler Spirals
Transparent Paint Bucket Offer Samples
Lash Curler as Objet D’Art

BROWSE a series of shelf-edge sampler styles at…
Free Samples, If You Dare!
Micro Bin Offers Tester
Fragrance Tester Goes Macho
Fashion Forward Sampler
Fashion Forward Generic Sampler.”
Sampler Offers Sloppy Seconds
Rubbing Shoppers Noses In It

BROWSE testers visually on Pininterest at
FixturesCloseUp Retail Testers and Samplers