FixturesCloseUp Scoops EuroShop

FixturesCloseUp Scoops EuroShop

These sunglass concepts are previews of offerings at EuroShop 2011 yet. Quite trendy … but vaguely familiar. SEARCH “Sunglasses” here for past posts by Fixtures Close Up. Some are comparable to these in concept and quality. FixturesCloseUp Scoops EuroShop.

Thinking of acquiring or redesigning fixtures? It might prove of value to browse Fixtures Close Up for concepts already deployed, and ideas not fully exploited. It’s far cheaper than airline tickets … and in some cases, worth a search of the posts. Glitz and the grand concept are not the core of Fixtures Close Up. But we hold our own in those areas, even though not a focus.

To see more EuroShop offerings … and Press Releases on these two presentations specifically … see VM+SD Magazine’s “Preview: EuroShop 2011.” Or visit these companies directly at (top) and (bottom).

If you insist upon EuroShop itself visit the Official Website here, as well as POPAI’s primer “A Quick Guide to EuroShop.” Should you need personal guides, I can play the “Ignorant American” while my multilingual European wife Margarit can set you up to look quite the “Continental” (Definition 3, but 1 and 2 interesting) to the Continentals and translate to boot.

SEARCH “Sunglass Niches” for specific comparisons to these featured displays.

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Lady Gaga Sunglass Spokesmodel
FixturesCloseUp Scoops EuroShop
Custom Goggle Displayer
A Bird, A Plane, No Giant POP
Bulbous Nose Sunglass Security
Sunglass Smorgasbord
Giant Sunglasses for Solar Flares
Summer Sunglasses on Christmas Sale

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