Here the product helps sign itself in a warehouse club environment.  A clear acrylic sheet is held in place, as if a viewscreen, by this television wall mount. The sign has an irregular cutaway edge as if to reveal the inner workings of the television mount. The curved cutaway is more visually compelling than rectilinear. And what smarter way to show off the product function than with the television mount itself? The Obsessive-Compulsive in me ponders the short-run production aspect of aligning each adhesive sign precisely parallel with the edge of the acrylic. Sloppily placed signs would detract from the impression of “quality” for the mount, even if only registered on the subconscious.

Please leave comments on the need for “quality” even in the small details if a Point-of-Purchase display is to impress shoppers. Or am I a lone voice crying in the wilderness?