A truly glitzy idea here … chromed small-scale Slatwall and a chromed Flat Back Pin-Up-like Hook. I liked the fixture, but were it me, I would have used it as a gleaming background for more of a matt package design.  The contrast would have cried out for attention.  Here shining packaging against a gleaming background seem to detract from readability. Just don’t forget your “Green” principals if you decide you need glitz. Check here for “Conjugations of Glitz” if you need more than basic amount.

Cute custom hook, but if you need a commonplace alternative try “Pin-Up Hooks” for any and all display surfaces. Of course you can always order a unique creation mating any conceivable frontwire, employing one of four industry standard label holder systems, to any display surface backplate design for Pegboard, Slatwall, Cross bar, Grid, End Cap, Corrugated, Uniweb, Perforated Metal, Plastic Panel and even Shelf Edge and C-channel Mounts.

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