In a pre-Post Modern Era, team building was wilderness adventuring, or something as simple as falling backwards, trusting a co-worker to catch you. Today corporate team building is a video-game-filled trailer that arrives on your parking lot. Team building is a shoot-em-up in a virtual world.

What, pray tell, does this have to do with store fixtures? If team building has become a simulation, if flight training is done in simulation, if military training is done in simulation; maybe all your planogram work and fixture setup and take down should be a dry run in simulation. Then you could measure the labor required to ultimately carry out your wildly creative concept in the real world.

So if my company would sell you virtual Pegboard Hooks for Linden Dollars in Second Life, would you open a virtual storefront there? If you don’t believe we are prepared to do it, see working Virtual Store Fixtures and our Fully-fixtured Prototype Virtual Store. Companies interested in Second Life Store Fixtures please send a Request For Quote. Meanwhile I will check if the Three Dimensional Modeling Package of our CAD system has an <EXPORT TO SECOND LIFE> filter.

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