Straight Entry Scan Hooks allow the creation of tightly packed displays and easy re-set and re-merchandising increasing promotional possibilities.  Fully-loaded hooks can be inserted and removed directly under shelves and into dense displays updating the planogram layout. If your sales are improved by seasonal freshening and trendy merchandising, straight entry hooks are for you. This example employed One-piece All-metal Pegboard Straight-entry Hooks with Metal Plate Label Holders. Two-piece straight entry hooks with either metal or plastic backplates are an alternative. Attached-back Hooks, two-piece hooks that arrive fully assembled, provide some labor saving advantages to the two-piece class of hooks.

SEARCH “Straight-entry” for additional posts on this class of hook, “Attached Back” to see posts on the alternate approach described, or “Best Practices” for hooking advice. I am erring on the side of caution by tagging this post under “Hook Patterns” because the repetition of items vertically and horizontally verges on this topic.

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