Guess the Slotting Fee

Guess the Slotting Fee

Guess the Slotting Fee if you can Several shelf management systems for small products have been documented, two for spices specifically. Now I feel driven to fill out this Blog’s documentation of related systems capturing alternatives. Here for your edification and enjoyment is a high-end, custom system dedicated to merchandising one brand manufacturer’s wares. It is gravity fed from the “bin” above with the bin front used as a billboard for each “flavor.” It is an absolutely impressive system that occupies a vast amount of retail space, but it somehow violates my expectations for spice shopping, and the billboards all clamor loudly for my attention.

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SEARCH “Spice” or visit the links above for other systems, some much simpler and more effective in my judgement. However if I was a retailer demanding “slotting fees” this would be a real money maker. The aisle billboard advertising value alone must be bookoo bucks.

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