Display-Hook-as-Rail Rolling Pin Merchandising

Display-Hook-as-Rail Rolling Pin Merchandising

“Necessity is the mother of invention” with odd-shaped or unusual items. This Display-Hook-as-Rail Rolling Pin Merchandising  employs simple All Wire Pegboard Display Hooks to do an admirable job displaying upscale rolling pins amid related pie-making and cookware items. An apropos cross-sell with no extra fixture expense required.

SEE  “Rolling Pins Vend Vertically” for an example of a right-angle twist to hooked display of Rolling Pins. SEARCH “Cookware” for a broad category view, or “Rolling Pin” for a narrower view of fixture posts planned for this product. SEARCH “Cross Sell” for other opportunistic selling efforts via niche fixturing.

Seeing the simplistic elegance of this setup, know that you can always achieve it yourself with One-piece All Wire Ball End Single Prong Display Hooks. Notice how perfectly the hooks form siderails and the central work surface of the rolling pin nestles between. And here is a case where having the heavy items safely gravity feed toward the rear rather than self forward, increases safety. For the price of two pegboard hooks, the store created a very sophisticated POP display. If you enjoy this tongue-in-cheek fnal analysis, read others by SEARCH of “Silly” here on Fixtures Close Up.

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