Not the first means of display you might consider, but sometimes an unusual approach to merchandising catches the eye and tugs at the pocketbook all the more.  A vivid green background made the display more visual, but sadly there seemed to be no way to force the package labeling to face forward.  This might work better if the tube ties were mounted to the rim, rather than center which permitted spin. Want to make a normally standing product stand out all the more?  Hang it instead. These are Straight Entry Scan Hooks with plain paper labels and black Sham Inventory Control Clips. The hooks are available with plastic or metal backplates and various style label holders from a number of manufacturers. This particular label holder style, as you see, is prone to a bit of “spin” and positioning inconsistency itself.

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SEARCH “Straight Entry” to see alternate hook solutions. These are Two-piece Straight Entry Pegboard Scan Hooks with Plastic Backplates.