Eccentric Pusher Paddle – Bent, Broken or Branded Fixture?

Eccentric Pusher Paddle – Bent, Broken or Branded Fixture?

Having a radical design makes a product more recognizable in the marketplace. But what about this Eccentric Pusher Paddle – Bent, Broken or Branded Fixture? Here a zig-zag off-center pusher makes this system stand out. Its actual purpose is to keep the pusher minimally behind the product, since it does not center on the lane. A great visual look, but one might question at what point in lane width does the paddle become too off-line from the product center of gravity to operate correctly? (See the smaller lower photo for what might be the limit on small light products. Heavy, bulky or irregular blister packs and clamshells might present a challenge).  Still the zig-zag pusher paddle makes a very modern statement … when the lane is empty.

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