Steep Angle Tip Display Hook Uptilt

Steep Angle Tip Display Hook Uptilt


A forest of light gauge All Wire Hooks feature Steep Angle Tip Display Hook Uptilt. Angled at almost 45°, one wonders the advantage on a horizontal frontwire like these. A display hook tip is more often angled at as little as 15°. Larger uptilts up to a right-angle can be used for safety, to impede “sweeping” (mass theft), better secure items on the hook, or act as a front product stop on downswept gravity feed hooks. This style is new to my experience. Note the Back Tags and ICCs (Inventory Control Clips) already in place for planogram setup. An efficient retailer, this.

SEARCH “ICC” (Inventory Control Clip) or “Anti-Sweep” to expand your fixture ramblings. SEE “Gravity Feed Hook” for an example in HBA merchandising, complete with promised 90 degree tip.

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