A creative new spin on the original scan hook. The first scan hook designed in 1978 featured a metal plate for self-stick adhesive labels. That first design evolved into an industry standard featuring a metal plate roughly double this height, extending beyond  and overhanging the product frontwire beneath. This metal plate is much shallower and set back from the end of the product frontwire.  The clear plastic label carrier for it is at left. It adheres to the half-size metal plate, while an adhesive label is then in turn adhered to it.

I think the half-height metal plate is quite stylish. But the adhesive plastic carrier plus additional adhesive paper label arrangement is more work than the 1978 concept … which itself is being supplanted today by flip-front and stationary extruded plain-paper label holders (no costly adhesive label stock required). In addition, the original position of label holder riding in front of the product frontwire deters, at least somewhat, “sweeping,” the mass theft of multiple products.

Still. I liked the Half-height style and the shape even though it is more exaggerated than the original design, which was closer to Greek Golden Rectangle, typically assumed to be the most aesthetic.

SEE the post “Hook Frontwire Standards” for another hook with the label holder frontwire shorter than the product frontwire, as here. SEARCH “Top Facing Labels” and “Best Practices” for more fixture background, insights and advice. Link to Metal Plate Holders for standard metal plate label holder sizes.

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