A “Name This” challenge to Fixtures Close Up readers for months, this item is a real “whatsit?” These two fixtures were spotted dismounted but near each other and pegboard.  I am not even sure they are part of the same fixture setup, but this appeared to be a reasonable configuration for them. Can anyone identify their purpose or name? Are they a pair or do they have separate uses? Here is what I know. Both employ an oversize backplate to spread a sizeable load, and utilize multiple heavy gauge frontwires.  The Dorsal (top) fixture utilizes lighter gauge wire to form what appears to be a sign holder for thick card stock or corrugated.

Post comments if you can help identify the fixture.

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As suggested by Jim Garvic of Flexographic Printing at Vestcomon on a LINKEDIN POP discussion group about this object…

“These are box displays, with a sign holder at the top. You can see them in most any post office or UPS/shipping/packaging type store.”

Other suggestions included …

“Could be for hanging items.” don@modulardiners.com

“I don’t believe they have to be used as a pair, yet they could be and I would say they would be perfect in a sporting goods store. the vertical rectangular 2 level “u” looks like you could plex or cardstock signage in the slot”. don@modulardiners.com

“I am not sure, but form follows function. Based on what I see, the combined items need and additional pair. Once the pairs are 6″ – 10″ between each other, they could hold picture frames, boxed tableware, etc. without having to use a shelf. I agree, they are over designed for weight issues of what it is holding. The top edge keeps packages or a loose picture frame from flipping forward once the items are shopped and removed.” jerry@rddassociatesinc.com

“The lower one in the picture is to hold shelves. Glass or Wood….Top one, Ive never used..!” lisa.coleman@walmart.com

“I think that they are used in conjunction with each other to display a tire (this is just a guess).” swothe@environmentsinc.com

“The lower fixture appears to be a theft deterrent hook designed for a high pilferage product with weight concerns, such as batteries. I am not familiar with the top fixture.” kathyl.miller@energizer.com

“I think this is a fixture for the display of Bowling Balls”. boscoof@tinet.ie

“I agree with Kathy the lower device(multiples thereof)would work well for shelves when needed or for supporting items larger boxed items. The upper piece could be a brace to keep items from falling forward from a shelf(and also displays price signs. This would help more fragile items (i.e. Electronics, DVDs, packaged glass, etc.) To use both in an anti-theft configuration, side pieces, as restraints would be required. This configuration might help to display items that are for display only, and the actual sale item comes from the back room through a store clerk (warehouse operations). But I have never seen them before.” cwssjt08@gmail.com