Top-Mount Acrylic Label Holder

Top-Mount Acrylic Label Holder

If you insist upon dazzling heavy acrylic for your label holders, here is a Top-Mount Acrylic Label Holder variant. As Overlay it sits atop the shelf and mounts with adhesive or double-sided tape as shown. I liked the boxy label holder front, but clarity of the acrylic is its own downfall, allowing the double-sided tape to show through prominently. In some cases shelf stock itself could restrain the holder, but jostling would still be likely. Shelf Edge alternatives include top- and front-mount adhesive-backed label strip, and in some cases wood and laminate shelf label strips that grip the shelf edge. All can be had in several stock color backs as well as custom colors, or even wood grain. Compare this Top-Mount Acrylic Label Holder to larger overlay solutions below.

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