Telegraphing Lingerie Curbside Window Dressing

Telegraphing Lingerie Curbside Window Dressing

A curvaceous Rubenesque mannequin. A lithe Twiggy-esque mannequin. The words “bra” and “fit” … the descriptor “good” implied. Is there more that needs to be said in this Telegraphing Lingerie Curbside Window Dressing? Note the usual signage micro fixtures I report on, but this display beckoned to me from across 3rd Avenue in New York a while back. Possibly a guy thing. Nothing catches the eye like something frilly as per this Telegraphing Lingerie Curbside Window Dressing.

Also see Peter Paul Rubens as well as this useful link to a formula for calculating bra cup volume. Takes me back to an earlier epoch when a Penn State engineering professor demonstrated how to calculate loads on the structural elements of a bra. He was quite creative in teaching in ways that held our attention in class. Finally you might SEARCH “Window Dressing” for posts wandering in that area.


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Telegraphing Lingerie Curbside

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