Wire Grid Pin-Up Hook Concept

Wire Grid Pin-Up Hook Concept

Ordinary Pin-Up Hooks are common, this Wire Grid Pin-Up Hook Concept for 3 to 4″ Grid, less so. They can be effective dramatically displaying items seemingly free-floating against an airy Grid backdrop as here. But you have heard me rant about “sight leaks.” Just when do I think Open Wire Grid is effective, and when it should be backed by a solid background? I can give you no general rule that works in every situation. The decision is subjective and not objective. I just know what I like when I see it. In addition to the white Pin-up Hook, also note the look of a Scan Hook with a matching yellow Flip-Front Label Holder.

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Wire Grid Pin-Up Hook Concept.

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SEARCH “Sight Leak” for discussion of that aspect of design.

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