One-Hole Pegboard Hooks Compared

One-Hole Pegboard Hooks Compared

As followup to an earlier post, I thought this One-Hole Pegboard Hooks Compared post worthwhile to asses one-hole hooks … or hooks that occupy but a single-column-width of holes in pegboard. Obviously they are great for displaying narrow product such as toothbrushes. But still not all one-hole hooks are created equal. Here are two common designs. How do they compare?

METAL: (1) stronger (2) moderate cost (3) heavier (5) long frontwires possible (6) powdercoated color (7) short run custom colors possible (8) design variations possible on short runs (gauge, length, up-tilt, tip design, anti-sweep, etc.)

PLASTIC: (1) weaker (2) low cost (4) lighter (5) limited to short frontwires unless reinforced (6) molded in color (7) custom colors possible only with very large quantities (8) design variations not possible without a significant investment in molds.

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