Metal Plate Label Holders Numbered

Metal Plate Label Holders and Scan Hooks were introduced in 1978. They were adopted by leading retailers of the time and allowed computerized tracking and replenishment of shelf stock, and inventory control of goods (See 1 … and note that weld marks like this are not so obvious on quality, well-manufactured Metal Plate Hooks). The first Metal Plate Scan Hooks accepted self-adhesive labels to display price, product information and UPC codes (See 2).

Adhesive labels being expensive, labor intensive and wearing on label holders and shelf edges, more economical plain paper label holders were introduced in the 1990s. These forgiving plastic extrusions flexed open to allow inexpensive plain paper labels to drop right in instantly. They also prevent adhesive damage to fixtures. Plain paper holders took another step forward with flip-front holders quickly thereafter. These were articulated to swing up out of the way for easy product access, then fall back into place. The best design plain paper label holders mount to both-pivot front scan hooks to allow flip action, and for versatility and backward compatibility, to metal plate front scan hooks. (See 3). Metal Plate Hooks equipped with drop-in label holders have now evolved to accept plain-paper labels with the help of the flip-fronts. These photos taken from a retail display of Flip Flops in a Mass Merchandiser environment.

Metal Plate Label Holder Miniatures

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