A handy fixture for organizing small Summer beach, deck and picnic table umbrellas. The racks mate to standard gondola uprights and can be mounted at varying heights to suit the product … from these umbrellas to canes and possibly light long handles tools and cleaning utensils (mops, brooms, etc.) Because of the item assortment, pricing echoes from the rack’s hanging label holders to tags on the products themselves.

Note that this fixture was spied in a full service Drug chain, therefore it is for lighter-duty cross selling of summer merchandise. I would not try to use it for unwieldy giant beach umbrellas or heavy sledge-hammer merchandising.

IDEA: If the wire grid was inverted and welded to the gondola arms with the front “lip” facing up, the “rack” could become a light-duty “open-wire shelf” with a front product stop, when circumstances demanded. The more versatility the better I would think.

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