Clothes Hangers as Display Fixtures

Clothes Hangers as Display Fixtures

These Clothes Hangers as Display Fixtures have informal look of a laundry line, Jeans hung from hangers call attention to their features. Lack of a backdrop creates a “sight leak” and weakens the impact, but the portability of the display allows it to be moved anywhere in the store to cross sell Jeans. And clothes hangers are very inexpensive and versatile fixtures.

In my usage, a “sight leak” is an unclosed or uncontrolled view that allows the eye to wander off designers topic or out of their control of the experience. In this case your vision can look right through the jeans in the foreground to be distracted by the background. It is more an architectural or even landscape architectural term, but I could not find an appropriate definition to link to on the web and would be embarrassed to let my old architect mentor become aware of my writer’s block on issues of good design. If you know an appropriate link or concise definition of the term, please post it as a comment to keep the tone of professionalism high here on “Fixtures Close Up” … if such a tone ever existed in the first place.  🙂

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