WARNING: Rated Mature Retailing Audiences Only. Images of Graphic Store Fixture Violence.

End-of-aisle endcap with minimal base deck exposes hooks to sidewipes from carts, and customers to hangups and injury. Here heavy gauge frontwires and stalwart metal plate fronts are badly misshapen, and stamped backplates are pulled through the pegboard by run-ins. Aside from an adequate base deck with rounded corners as a guard, what else would address the situation? Forgiving extruded plastic label holders for the customers, and better backplates that distribute the load across a broader area of the pegboard back.  These knife-like hook backplate prongs were a single thickness of metal wide, and prone to shear right through the board.

If you have any other ideas for viable retail guide rail, post as a comment, please. And you will find it interesting to note the difference between “Guide Rail” and “Guard Rail,” in this situation and your everyday highway driving. Check out the definition, your friendly, local Traffic Engineer will be glad you did.

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