This display bristles with standoffish “Locked Merchandise” signs. Worse of all, the front tag signage obscures the product. Separate signholders would free up product visibility (Click here to see an example). There are also locking systems that allow customer selection of one or a small number of items while safeguarding the balance of the backstock preventing “sweeping” … the mass theft of all items. Some systems provide easy, near-instant access to all locked products, for consultative selling by staff when a hands-on approach is truly dictated.

For noteworthy anti-theft SEE…
Designer Belts on Lockdown
Rack Meters Items One at a Time
Auto Feed Pusher Hook Rack is Anti-Sweep
Locking Wall Fixture for Guitars
Disk Offers Anti-Sweep Potential
Fendi Finials as Branding and Anti-Theft
Designer Anti Sweep Hooks
Prada Anti-theft Hook Glistens
Gucci Anti-Theft Hook In-Store
Radical Wrap-Back Security Hook
Locking Security Cart in Jewelry
Double Locking Theft Protection
Anti Planogram Anti Theft Hook
Display Shouts Don’t Buy
Anti-Theft Fixture Failure
Safer Box Straight Entry

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