Shelf Management on a Zigzag

Shelf Management on a Zigzag

This Shelf Management on a Zigzag show there are literally no limits to human creativity.  Here someone said “I wonder what would happen if I angled alternate rows of a shelf management system?”  I am not in love with the result, or see any major advantage, but I praise the creative attempt, nonetheless. For one thing the gaps in the label holders systems make it seem jury rigged (Also see “jerry rigged“). Choosing a more interesting color and making it continuous with a slight rounding at vertices would have added an integrating, finished look. And there does not appear to be any way to adjust lane width meaning this system is very product specific when it comes to facings. Please add any suggestions you have as a comment. A bit of brainstorming might turn this Shelf Management on a Zigzag idea into a winner.

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