This festive faceout illustrates that color can be eye catching, good for branding and “Green” to boot. Powdercoating is easy on the environment without the caustic baths and heavy metal residue of chrome plating. And it is well-nigh as durable. Plus the asymmetrical legs of this design also provide an extra smidgen of savings on steel.  If oriented head-to-head the legs overlap and allow more backplates to be stamped from less sheet steel, although in use the unbalanced leg looks a bit odd.

Talk to your favorite manufacturer.  Powdercoating is an attractive option in your choice of hues. Fly the corporate colors throughout the store, use a silver powdercoat to simulate chrome without heavy environmental impact, upgrade to crackle or veined finishes, create store-within-store departmental themes, or just have fun with color. Many manufacturers offer in-stock shades that can be coordinated across a range of fixtures from hooks and metal to label, signholders and plastic. And there is always the opportunity to go all the way and coordinate to a specific PMS or other color model that is precisely you.

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