This display was littered with tortured and distorted soft Aluminum Hooks. The failures are highly visible and distracting in both the horizontal and vertical planes. Tried and true traditional steel hooks could have saved the day and projected a better image. This designer-name boutique will have difficulty projecting the chic image necessary for brand name pricing with these failed fixtures.

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Aluminum Fixtures Strength and Cost

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Gondola Base Deck Takes a Hit
Aluminum Boxer-Style Hook Failure
Misshapen Aluminum Hooks
Malleable Aluminum Grid Hooks
So Sorry. Aluminum Hook in Play
Faceout Failure on Slatwire
Failed Reverse Waterfall Hook
How to Avoid Frontwire Sag
Plastic Grid Hooks Fail
Rare Hook Lug Failure
Hook Lug Failure Redux
Plastic Hook Innovates But Falls Short
Hook has Two Monkey Load Limit
Plastic Hooks Beyond Limits
Anti-Theft Fixture Failure
Productstop Fails Christmas Crush
Label Holder Wrecks Store Image
Sidesaddle Label Holder Fails
Ideas Wanted: Retail Guard Rail

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Failures in Fixtures

SEARCH “Best Practices” for advice on avoiding.