Slowly more of these V-back Hooks reveal themselves. Here they are used alongside Flatback Slatwire Hooks. These classify as a V-back because the bottom leg is an extension of the frontwire not part of the back shape. The V-back Chrome finish hints at overseas origin where environmental protections are not as stringent. Powdercoat is more environmentally friendly and employed here. The Flatback Hook is Galvanized and given the cost and environmental savings not such a bad match for the Chrome model.

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SEARCH “V-back” for other applications found in the field. I know where you can easily get a variety of One-piece Flatback Single Prong Display Hooks for Slatwall and Slatwire.  V-hooks are a challenge for I know of no source, and many I see in the field are old fixtures (though this seems new).

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