Just a day or two ago retailers were begging you to buy end-of-season winter gear (Note the 30% discount). What a difference a bad winter storm makes. I’d go check to see if these Ice Scrapers and Shovels were marked back up to original price … but the Interstate Highways, stores and factories are all closed tonight.  I am sure there will be carry over Scraper business tomorrow, when all of us caught without a good one today go to get it tomorrow … just in case the Winter stretches out.

I suspect these Scrapers were moved to empty aisles cleared for expected Spring merchandise, and that is the reason for so much space being devoted to them just a day before the storm. Nevertheless SEARCH “Winter” for fixturing suiting that season and see what else you might find. The scraper hooks in use here are Two-piece Straight Entry Pegboard Scan Hooks, while shovels are supported on Heavy-Duty Pegboard Utility Hooks.

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