Necessity is the mother of invention for creative visual merchandisers. C-clamps substitute for hooks or faceouts merchandising wares in a Gen Y retail boutique.  The informality and appeal is tangible. This is Guerilla Marketing at its finest.

Click here for a summary of William Strauss and Neil Howe’s seminal work defining generations.

For C-clamp outfitted fixtures BROWSE…
C-Clamp Blouses Face Forward
C-Clamp Shirts Casually Hung
How Fixtures Sell Funnels
Belt Merchandiser Bar C-clamps
Glass Shelf C-clamp Strip
Super-Duty Sign C-Clamp
Shelf Edge Gift Wrap Quivers
C-clamp Holds Up Pants
C-clamp – Hook Stand-in
C-clamp A-For-Effort not Artistry
C-clamps Capture Scarves
Bringing Cartoon Sneakers to Life