VIP Still Shopping Tag

VIP Still Shopping Tag

Surely only the best-of-best shoppers ever sees a VIP Still Shopping Tag. Customers like my wife, who is Nanny and Personal Assistant for a household of up to 10 individuals (depending upon who is in residence), and provisioner for our more average household of 4 in Pennsylvania. Some stores well-nigh close their doors to more pedestrian shoppers upon my wife’s arrival. One particular boutique chain employs these tags as an attractive, very professional, added touch to their merchandising. What? No, no, no!  We don’t wear the tags!  Even though we may be in the store for hours, we and they know we are still shopping. The tags are used to mark our pending purchases behind the counter while we browse unencumbered for arm loads more. Still a nice touch of civility in a busy world. And okay, maybe we are not truly VIP, but we can pretend. Maybe YOUR tag should actually say “VIP” outright and visibly? Imagine how flattered your customers would be.  Are we still shopping?  Yes.  We figure we have at least until Orthodox Christmas to finish.

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