Holy Grail Of Retailing Lost - Misaligned Straight-entry and all-wire Scan Hooks

Holy Grail Of Retailing Lost – Misaligned Straight-entry and all-wire Scan Hooks

Holy Grail Of Retailing Lost indeed. I applaud the Disney-like environment of modern stores … professional design, interesting decor, branded colors, floor graphics, even in-store television channels.  But in the hunt for the Holy Grail of consumer environments some chains seem to have lost sight of basics and their effect on store image, and “perceived value” of the merchandise on display.  Here two otherwise well-outfitted big box retailers in upscale neighborhoods fixture the entire store with hook alignment so poor as to cheapen the store brand and even (I suggest) the prices it can expect to charge. I would surely expect low quality merchandise to be displayed this way.

Do you chose your store designer by lowest price alone? Maybe you should not choose your fixturer by the “short term” benefit of hardware “Made More Cheaply Overseas” either. And once you buy the fixtures and celebrate the supposed saving, does no one walk the floor to see what was delivered and installed?

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