Auto Feed Wire Rack Meters Product One-at-a-time to prevent sweeping

The “over-the-top” design of this auto-feed wire rack meters product, limiting removal to a single package to defeat “sweeping,” the rapid mass theft of an entire facing of expensive product. This metering is an alternative to other anti-theft or labor intensive Pick Cards. Located at a cashwrap, theft of all DVDs removed laboriously one-at-a-time would be obvious to staff and a significant threat to the thief, hence the deterrent. In this use the metered rack is an alternative to pick cards. Main photo shows detail of the design. Small insets first show product in place, and the front item poised for removal. This is a made-to-order rack customized for a single product. Adjustable width metering fixtures are available that allow greater flexibility and less customization before rollout. Metered fixtures can be shelf mounted or hung from vertical display surfaces like pegboard and slatwall. Metered racks and other security fixtures can reduce the need for labor intensive Pick Cards.

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