Daisy-Chain Mystery Fixture #1 Strip Merchandiser

Daisy-Chain Mystery Fixture #1 Strip Merchandiser


Original “Name This” Entry

Here a wondrously creative, very heavy-duty, daisy-chain fixture hanging at waist height. Being extendable it could be hung higher or on an end cap, with even greater impact. Seen “naked” a few seasons ago, I never had an opportunity to return and see it stocked.  So I violate one of my blog principles and show what toy brand it was affiliated with. Can any reader explain what it was used for, and what items did it merchandise? Can you put a name to this Daisy-Chain Mystery Fixture #1 Strip Merchandiser fixture?

Answer Culled From Responses

Postings to 28 LINKEDIN Groups including retailers, brand manufacturers, fixture designers, category and space managers, visual merchandisers and more located the design firm responsible for this hook.  Their commentary follows immediately below.

Stuart Campbell (www.artisancomplete.com)answered… I produced this about 12 years ago in Toronto, Canada. It was used to hold long handled push toys for Fisher Price. Specifically the lawnmower and the popper. It was designed to be variable length to accommodate a variety of different gondola heights and be used in a variety of different retailers. It has since been used for other products and been manufactured by other POP companies. We didn’t really name it. The designers name is Jim Morison. I was project manager at the time.

Since the designers did not name the fixture, suggested names resulting from the original post included: link extender, link strip, monkey rack / monkey chain, ImHooked, hook-um chain link, Rapunzel, linked in, hook ladder, hip clip / hip strip, chain strip, swan hook, cascade hook, chimp hook, Mowgli hook, linkers, shelf stacker, hook & ladder, peg hook, U-hook, U-lash, multi link, Daisy chain, and stack ‘n sell product extender. Many thanks to all who visited and offered information or name suggestions. This item was originally created as a Page” in wordpress.  There is no way to convert a WordPress Page to this WordPress Post format, so the responses had to be summarized instead of listed as original comments with identification of the commenter.

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Daisy-Chain Mystery Fixture #1 Strip Merchandiser

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