Careful of Sharp Hooks Alexis

Danger lurks almost unseen. A child dawdles near a grim-looking straight-cut wire display hook directly at eye level. Note the safer curl-end hook just behind her. All retailers strive for safety within a planogram. But as resets occur, the integrity and safety of the initial plan falls by the wayside with store personnel struggling to make needed cut-ins of new products. Old hazardous fixtures may be pressed into service. Managers should educate the floor on such dangers. Purchasing should know that all reputable manufacturers offer ball-end safety tip hooks as standard or a no-cost upgrade. Additional protection is provided by safety-loop and curled-end designs, metal plate tips (including both decorative tips and metal plate label holders), and ultimately soft, forgiving scan hook extruded label holders. Specialty hooks such as J-hooks are also available in “guarded” styles to forestall injury. Alexis, 2 years old, asks you to safeguard her and her friends.

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