Toilet Plunger Porcupine Display

Toilet Plunger Porcupine Display

This Toilet Plunger Porcupine Display is certainly worthy of celebrating National Toilet Plunger Week … if there is such a thing. It’s random, porcupine-like, pick-up-stick style calls out for attention.  And it would surely remind me I needed one, if that were the case.  What has a full display to do with the fixturing details typically demanded by Fixtures Close Up? Note that the top tier of plungers is actually supported by the upright bottom tier of plungers.  This detail makes the entire display of interest here because it is in essence self-fixtured … it is self-supporting. And because it is meant to be totally random and out of control, it does not even trigger my Obsessive-Compulsive Personality Disorder to regularize it. A totally fun display … if fun can be had with toilet plungers. This Toilet Plunger Porcupine Display seen at Bed Bath and Beyond.

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