Baseline Anti Sweep Hook #2

These Flat Back Anti-Sweep Metal Plate Scan Hooks are one of a variety of mainstream styles on the market. The frontwire upturn and hump configuration require patrons to “thread” the product off the hook one unit at a time thwarting “sweeping” … the mass theft of items “swept” from hook into bag or purse.  This model features a front “landing zone” for facing product. Flat backplates spread the load, protect the display surface. Metal plate holders support the use of adhesive labels, though plain paper label holder scan hook and pure display hook (no label holder) styles are available.

A one-piece hook like this is difficult to remove fully loaded from a dense display.  But for added theft prevention hooks may offer optional means to anchor the backplate to the board. The configuration of the “anti-sweep” frontwire can be easily varied by the manufacturer in either long- or short-run orders.  Ask about configuring a hook for your precise needs, appearance or label holder style. CLICK the thumbnail for a closer look.

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