Extensible Molded Plastic Divider with Front- and Back-rail Mount

The extensibility of this front- and back-rail mounted divider was previously unseen in a small-scale molded system, and permitted its installation on a broader range of shelf depths. Anchoring the back with a rail as opposed to allowing it to float free helped maintain more order and discipline among the products organized.  But its low height – lower than similar systems often seen in HBA and vitamin merchandising -– limited its abilities to “corral” product.

To get a sense of scale, compare the minute rounding at the bottom of the bottles with the meager height of the divider showing how tiny it is in actuality.  In fact it was only seen applied to large heavy liquids, whose mass alone helped them remain organized.  I fear small, or light large items would easily be jostled and jump the divide. Therefore this system would best be used to enforce a retailer’s planogram by creating predefined lanes. For this purpose it was an excellent solution for heavy-duty auto (its use here), hardware, cleaning supplies and other similar applications.

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